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B2B Lead Generation Experts

Generate higher quality leads. Develop stronger business opportunities.




Bespoke B2B data defined by Persona, Company and Geographic profiling.


In-house content writers design and deliver your message to each target profile.


Seamlessly handover valuable business opportunities ready for you to engage and close.

B2B Business Development Services

B2B Sales Services

The ‘secret’ to any successful company is a well executed sales strategy. From prospect to contract, Rich Contacts provides a wide range of B2B sales services, each tailored to complement your existing sales playbook… Don’t have a playbook? We can help with that too.

Lead Generation

B2B lead generation services providing quality over quantity. By professionally representing your brand incognito, we use the latest AI and machine learning technologies, to open the door to your next sales opportunity.

B2B Intent Data Services

Intent data for B2B sales allows us to accurately target businesses displaying intent buying behaviours and signals for your products and services. This significantly reduces your sales cycle and increases your close rates.


A tried and tested method. We specialise in telesales and telemarketing directing communication over the phone. Whether you are looking for sales or lead generation, our experts can help you get the most from B2B telemarketing and telesales outsourcing.

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is one of the most beneficial sources of leads with measurable returns. Through targeted lead generation and LinkedIn automation tools, we can provide quality leads with ROI. LinkedIn management is a guaranteed method of driving consistent and reliable revenue with a professional, social media platform.

Sales Appointments

Sales appointment generation can be time-consuming. Let your Business Development team close deals while we work incognito, connecting you with key decision-makers for face-to-face appointments, conference call or product demonstrations.

Lead Nurturing

We don’t just focus on leads that are ready now. We forge and nurture relationships for long-term success with prospects at every stage of the funnel, ensuring you are front of mind when they are ready to progress.

Sales Enablement

With access to the most up-to-date datasets and technologies, we have all the tools to engage with your target audience and prospect for lead generation. Both scalable and measurable, this service makes the most of the masses of data available to provide the best possible targeting techniques for your customers.

Sales Consultation

Work alongside our industry experts to develop your existing sales process and culture. We pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses to create a strategy for new levels of growth through an efficient and targeted pipeline.

Why Work With Us


Outsource your business development requirements


A fast, scalable approach to B2B prospecting


Grow your business faster


Performance guarantee, 100% deliverability


Avoid hiring costs and risk


Spend more time selling, less time prospecting


The most up-to-date contact details in the world


Measurable ROI

Case Studies

Rich Contacts is devoted to providing the highest quality, incognito business development services. We focus on delivering new leads which translate into new sales for our clients. By leveraging the most advanced techniques ever deployed in B2B prospecting, we ensure your pipeline is always full. We guarantee our quality, and aim to become your trusted partner. We focus on the long game but deliver results fast.